Movie Review – Rules Of Engagement

When a US Marine is charged with defending an American embassy from violent protesteres, things end badly and the Marine is court martialed. He calls on his friend, who he fought with in Vietnam to defend him, even though his friend doesn;t believe he can win.

Samuel L Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones star in this tight military drama about a soldier court martialed for doing what he believed was right. Its a good story let down but a script that seems to deal only lightly with the court room scenes. The build up and the action scenes are realistic and enjoyable but once the pace slows down to the court room the movie loses its way slightly.

A good supporting cast are underused and various plot points that could have been used are either ignored or briefly dealt with. When it was over I felt that this movie is a good example of a good movie that could have been much better. It is not in the same league as A Few Good Men or Word of Honour but still a good military court room drama.

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