Movie Review – Serenity

A group of semi-criminal ex soldiers travel through the galaxy from one job to another, trying to make their way, but two passengers cause more trouble then expected and suddenly the Alliance is after them.

Based upon the short lived Firefly series, Serenity is a well written, well made, very witty sci fi western. Stacked to the gills with great and varied characters. Captained by Nathan Fillion as Mal, second in command
Zoe (Gina Torres) and some excellent parts played by Alan Tudyk, Morena Baccarin (possibly the most beautiful woman in the world), Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau and Chiwetel Ejidfor as The Operative (the bad guy).
As well as having a very well made look, Serenity also has a great story and plot that keeps the action. Its a wonder why this was not a more successful TV series as it appears to have all the ingredients to be well
loved. Serenity proves that a sci fi movie can be exciting, funny without resorting to slapstick and enjoyable. A must see if you appreciate good science fiction.

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