Movie Review – Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes and his able assistant, Dr Watson, must get to the bottom of a mass murderer who has risen from the grave and is threatening to take over the world with the aid of a secret society. Can Holmes stop him in time?

A very different take on the Sherlock Holmes world than previously told. Holmes is more a man of action, Watson is even more capable physically and closer in intellect to Holmes than in previous reincarnations.

Robert Downey Jr as Holmes and Jude Law as Watson are very well cast, and make this movie more like a buddy cop movie than expected.  The two characters verbally joust as they stride through London looking for clues.  In a few ways, it reminds the viewer of House and W ilson’s verbal battles on the way to solving medical mysteries.

Mark Strong is the crazy and yet devious master villain who is bewitching those around him with science disguised as sorcery.  Rachel McAdams and Kelly Reilly add a touch of female colour to what is mainly a male monochromatic movie.

If you are looking for an action packed, witty, clever, intelligent, promising start to a franchise, go see Sherlock Holmes because that’s exactly what you will get!

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