Movie Review – Shoot Em Up

A stranger teams up with a prostitute to protect a new born baby from an army of hitmen and assassins.

That is the plot. I kid you not, that is all you need to know about this movie, that and the fact that Monica Bellucci is in it. If you are going to see this movie thinking it will be an Oscar nominated movie, or that the plot will be something that keeps you wondering for days afterwards then you are going to the wrong movie.  If you want to see less than an hour and a half of shooting people, the hottest woman in the world, more shooting people, some more of the hottest woman in the world, and then lots more shooting, then you came to the right place.

Clive Owen plays the same character as every other movie he has been in, although one with a deadly aim and wry sense of humour. Monica Bellucci plays a lactating prostitute. I think I need to lie down after that last line.

I believe that it is impossible for three things, for me to fly, for the Raiders to win the superbowl this year and for Monica Bellucci to ever, and I really do mean EVER, not look hot. I don’t mean to be distracted but come on, have you seen her?

Anyway, Shoot Em Up is this years Crank. Non-stop action, barely a plot, some good effects, some bad ones, fancy shooting, and Monica Bellucci. To be honest, its not a bad movie, not a great movie, but  a fun movie to watch, especially if you like Ms Bellucci!

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