Movie Review – Star Trek

Reboot of the series of movies based on the television series. Seriously, if you don’t know what Star Trek is, how are you using the internet?

The plot is almost secondary to what you see on the screen. The plot tells the story of how the crew of the Enterprise meet, get together and etc. etc. etc. What you get though is faithful reproductions of well loved characters by new actors who have breathed new life into the roles and made the reboot something special to behold. From the start, the visual look is set with lots and lots of lens flares which are OK for a while but then become a little annoying after a while. It also introduces fast camera whips for any physical action which while it may be the current trend among film-makers, does tend to spoil the view of what is happening action wise.

The cast are so well picked that just watching them on screen is like re-living old episodes of Star Trek in HD. It is that good. Chris Pine as Kirk isn’t what we know and love to be at first. Rather you get to watch as he becomes the man, the legend, yes, he becomes William Shatner without the bad acting! Zachary Quinto looks like, and acts like Leonard Nimoy. It isn’t just the ears, its how he walks, talks, everything!! Of the other cast, several stand out but special mention must be made for Karl Urban and Simon Pegg who inherit the roles of Bones and Scotty respectively and continue them with more than a nod towards James Doohan and DeForest Kelley. Seriously, these guys were born for these roles.

There is so much well placed humour, never taking away from the action but keeping the dialogue going, with more than a few well placed ‘classic’ lines from the TV show. For a movie that is listed as 126 minutes, I could have sat there for another hour basking in the wonder of it all.

I am a self confessed geek, I love all things sci fi, I get sci fi humour but this movie is more than just a remake of a classic movie based on a classic television show. It is a really good movie by itself that stands alone if you are not acquainted with the long history of Star Trek, although if you aren’t acquainted with the show, do you even know what moving pictures are?

If this could be made into a television series with this cast, you would have a sure fire hit on your hands. As it is, hopefully there will be first a DVD packed to the gills with extras, out-takes and more and then a sequel or five movies.

After the flop and fail of The Day The Earth Stood Still remake, it truly is a glorious thing to have a remake, or reboot, that shines, stands up to the original and is going to make new fans for the old show! Did I mention I loved it?

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! I thought it was excellent, and I was very relieved that it didn’t disappoint. No substitute for the original, but it was great!

    On a side note, my wife and I got married on the bridge of the Enterprise. We had a Klingon witness. :)