Movie Review – The Informant

A employee of a corn extract company goes to the FBI with evidence of price fixing but soon its hard to keep track of the truth as the employee goes about things in his own way.

Apparently based on a true story, The Informant, stars Matt Damon as Mark Whiteacre, the man with a very interesting imagination. Damon, the same actor who played Jason Bourne, looks middle aged, fat, and very convincing in a strange kind of way. Even his walk is different.  He is fun to watch but the most enjoyable part of the movie is the voice over. In the same way that Christian Bale’s very strange comments in American Psycho made you laugh even as he was firing up the chainsaw, so Damon’s voice over makes you realise that Whiteacre isn’t on the same planet as everyone else.

A very enjoyable if strange movie. Rather slow and often kept afloat just by Damon’s acting and the voice over but a fun little movie anyway!

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