Movie Review – The Matador

A salesman and a hitman meet up in a bar in Mexico. The salesman, down on his luck, needs his luck to change. The hitman, is a little off kilter and has time to kill. A friendship forms and lives change.

Pierce Brosnan & Greg Kinnear star as the hitman and salesman respectively. Greg Kinnear looks and acts like an everyday person. Mr Average. Brosnan on the other hand has a character that is so off the wall, and is rude, crude and tattooed. Hope Davis plays the salesman’s wife, and is so perfect you wish she was on screen more.

I found that the movie started slowly, but dragged you in regardless. You feel for Kinnear and Davis, you wonder what Brosnan is doing half the time, and with who. The script is cutting with many one liners that are more shocking or crude than funny but it wears you down until you laugh everytime Brosnan says something. The characters really do grow on you and in the end you want to see them do well.

Enjoyed the movie even though I didn’t think I would at the start! Funny and rude, what more could you ask for?

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