Movie Review – The Taking Of Pelham 123

A normal day on the New York subway is disrupted when armed men take over a subway car. The line controller finds himself caught up in the drama as the time runs out on the deadline for the hostages.

The movie was made once before starring Robert Shaw and Walter Matthau, which in turn was based on the book of the same name. This time around John Travolta and Denzel Washington take the parts of criminal and dispatcher respectively. Both are fine actors who carry the movie well. The movie is made by Tony Scott (brother of Ripley) and Taking seems very similar in visuals and colours to his last movie with Mr Washington, Deja Vu.

As with the current fashion, a lot of shots are whip shots, where the action, scenery or anything else seems to whip past the camera too quickly. Its OK for a 30 second commercial but for a movie it has become more than a little tired.

Obviously altered from the original and updated to take into account modern times, the movie is well paced and enjoyable. Travolta is charismatic as the criminal mastermind and is edgy without going over the top.

Having enjoyed the original, I had my reservations about this version which turned out to be unfounded. Its a good movie, action packed, without a boring moment.

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