Movie Review – V for Vendetta

A futuristic London where a fascist government rules with an iron hand is the scene for a moving, horrifying and hopeful movie about what happens when the men who are in charge become too controlling.

A masked man unleashed a revenge that lasts a year and during which time, the truth of what has happened to the country is revealed. Innocents are caught up in the revenge, and truths about them change who they are.

I am finding it hard to explain what the movie is about even though I know what it was about and I have already read the graphic novel. I think perhaps because this is a movie with many layers, many sub plots and with very many facets to each. I am sure that some people will watch it and say that it is a social comment on the state of some countries right now. I am sure others will think it a poor relation to the Matrix. All I know is that it is a powerful movie that doesn’t avoid the pain to soften the blow. I loved the movie but I wonder if perhaps many people will simply not get it. I hope they do because this is a very well acted, well written story that was important enough for Alan Moore when he wrote it, even if he doesn’t want his name attached to it now.

Obviously there were changes to the plot, some for speed, others, perhaps to make the story more palatable. In this time of terrorists around the world, this movie perhaps shows the difference between one who is simply a terrorist and someone who is fighting for something more. Its a thin line that often appears differently to different people.

In the end this is a major movie that people should sit up and take notice of.

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