A couple of scientists discover a star map repeatedly through different centuries by different people around the world. It is enough evidence that a huge company spend a trillion dollars to send them and a crew on a ship to the planet indicated in the star maps. Once they land on the planet though it appears that things aren’t exactly how they thought it would be and that some of the crew appear to have their own agendas.

Director Ridley Scott‘s two ventures into science fiction previous were two movies named Alien and Blade Runner, which explains why his return to the genre has been highly anticipated. While both movies are now considered classic examples of science fiction, if not a couple of the best movies ever made (Alien is 42 on the top 250 list with Blade Runner at 123), at the time of their release their reception was luke warm at best.

Prometheus stars Noomi Rapace as scientist Elizabeth Shaw, continuing Scott’s trend of having a leading female character. With Michael Fassbender as the android David, the rest of the cast is very strong with Charlize Theron, Idris Elba and Guy Pearce all turning in good efforts. The movie is more of an ensemble effort rather than just one star but even so, each character stands out as their own person.

The look of the movie is both familiar and stunning. The scenery is stunning, totally breathtaking and memorable. The ship, Prometheus, reminds the view of both the Nostromo (Alien) and the Sulaco (Aliens). Rather than rely on computer graphics for some of the larger set pieces, they were physically built and it makes it all the more real.

The biggest question before the movie opened was if it was connected to the Alien universe and series of movies. The answer is, yes and no. Without actually seeing the movie though it is difficult to understand.

There are moments that are true Ridley Scott moments. Scott has always been able to put these moments in his movies, and they are always special and memorable, Roy Batty‘s death scene in Blade Runner probably being the most famous.

Like Ridley Scott‘s previous science fiction movies, Prometheus will probably not have a huge opening. Once people have had the opportunity to both watch the movie and analyse it though, and Prometheus is a movie that will create discussions, it should and will be accepted as a brilliant movie that is continues Scott’s run of amazing science fiction movies.

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