Review – Killer Elite

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Danny is a gun for hire, a paid assassin who, along with Hunter, are the best in the business, but after a job involves a child as a witness, Danny retires to Australia. His retirement is short lived though as he is blackmailed into doing one more job or else Hunter dies.

The plot is, really? You want to know the plot of a movie named Killer Elite? Starring Jason Stratham and Clive Owen and you can’t guess what the movie will entail? Other than the obvious, Killer Elite is set in the early 80s which gives it a very different feel to more modern movies.

Rounding out the pretty solid cast is Robert De Niro (Hunter) and a couple of tv stars, Dominic Purcell (Prison Break) with the scariest side burns and handle bar mustache ever and Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck) using her natural, and to me, more enjoyable Australian accent.

There is a lot of violence, serious men talking about serious things, and oh, it is apparently based on a true story! A solid action movie.

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