Safe House

A young CIA agent, tasked with the boring assignment of taking care of a safe house in South Africa finds himself in a whole lot of trouble when rogue agent Tobin Frost is brought to the safe house.

Starring Ryan Reynolds as Matthew Weston, the safe house agent and Denzel Washington as Frost. Both good actors in their own right although with both having hits and misses in their movie careers. Safe House puts these two actors together and they work really well together. For Washington, it may be one of his best roles in several years, with Frost being such an interesting character, flaws and all. Weston is an inexperienced, but not inept, agent who finds himself not only being pushed by Frost but learning from him.

Luckily not following the trend-of-the-moment of ‘In 3D’, the movie is filmed on real film rather than digital and it shows. The grainy texture really suits the action and locations, giving it a reality that neither 3D or digital would have been able to provide. With some of the action being filmed in a township outside of Cape Town, the movie needed to be almost dirty in appearance.

Safe House is a very good movie that gives the viewer just what they are looking for, action, good acting and an intelligent plot.

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