Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

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Sherlock Holmes with his trusty yet often abused friend Dr. Watson again team up to face a mystery that may well turn out to be the most challenging case ever. Professor Moriarty is orchestrating events across Europe and Holmes is determined not only to find out why but to put a stop to it as well.

Sequels often fail to match up to the original and yet always attract a large audience hoping that this time will be the exception. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is good, perhaps very good but feels just one notch below the original. Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law are sublime as the twosome who argue as much as they agree but when it gets down to it, they work perfectly together.

Two significant additions to the cast of the original movie are Stephen Fry as Holmes older brother Mycroft Holmes and Noomi Rapace who plays Mada Simza Heron. Stephen Fry pretty much plays himself on screen so if you have watch QI or anything else he has hosted or been in, you know what you are getting, and you can’t complain about that. It is always cool to note that the narrator in the hit game Little Big Planet is actually Sherlock Holmes brother! Noomi Rapce starred in the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy and is both very enjoyable to watch and a very good actress.

There are more slow motion scenes than in the original, and while most of them are truly enjoyable, especially the last, some do slow down the pace of the movie a little too much. That said, everything on screen looks beautiful and convincing. No cheap special effects here. As with the first movie, much of the humour is provided by the banter between Holmes and Watson, obvious role models for Dr House and Dr Wilson.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows may be a notch below the original movie but it won’t disappoint any fan of Downey Jr, Law, or Guy Ritchie. Yes, dyed in the wool Sherlock Holmes fans may disagree with how their hero is portrayed but it doesn’t stop the movie from being a very enjoyable follow up to a classic original.

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