The Bounty Hunter

Ex husband, now a bounty hunter, must track down and bring back ex wife. Who says you can’t have fun at your job?

Breaking rule number 11, this is a Jennifer Aniston movie, co-starring Gerard Butler. Butler, whose biggest hit, 300, seems a long time ago, is competent as Milo, but that is about it. Aniston, who may finally have done enough work to not be considered that chick from friends who kept annoying Ross, is also just competent but looks a lot better than Butler.

The humour comes from the situations, and some of the dialog. It’s a pleasant movie if pretty much forgettable as soon as it’s been watched. It certainly isn’t worth walking out if watching on a plane. Perhaps with better actors it would have been better but the world is forever going to judge any romantic / action movie against Mr & Mrs Smith, and the Bounty Hunter falls far short of the mark.

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