The Decoy Bride

A famous actress, determined to marry in private, far from the prying eyes of the paparazzi, goes to a remote Scottish island, where there is only one single woman left, and where her husband to be set the plot of his first novel. What could go wrong?

Starring David ‘I was Dr Who‘ Tennant as the husband to be and the author of a wildly inaccurate book about the island, James Arber, Alice Eve has American actress, Lara Tyler, and Kelly ‘next to be heard in Brave’ MacDonald as local girl, Katie NicAoidh, the Decoy Bride is one of those movies that tend to slip by without much notice and yet if by chance you happen to watch it, makes you wonder why it isn’t better known.

The Decoy Bride brings back memories of movies such as Local Hero and perhaps the definitive Scottish Island movie, Whiskey Galore.

It is a very simple movie, filmed on the Isle of Man, and is funny, sweet and enjoyable. It is romantic without being slushy and fun without being silly. If you get the chance, watch it.

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