This Means War

When best friends who both happen to work for the CIA, happen to fall for the same woman, all becomes fair in love and war.

What appears on the surface to be a romantic comedy turns out to be more of a bro-mance than anything else. Think Brokeback Mountain with guns, Frodo and Sam, Han Solo and Luke. While the queen of the rom-com, Reese Witherspoon departs from her normally saintly roles to play the two timing target for affection, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine have a great time trying to out do each other while using the agencies equipment to further advance their own, erm, advances.

While Witherspoon has already hit big time, both Pine and Hardy are making their marks at the same time. With Pine playing Captain Kirk and Hardy starring in Inception, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Warrior and the upcoming Dark Knight Rises, both are greatly in demand and This Means War shows why. Both are good looking men who can act serious and yet deliver comedy when called for.

The movie is directed by McG. He of the two Charlie’s Angels reboot movies as well as Termintor Salvation as well as being executive producer of such television shows as Human Target, Chuck and Supernatural. McG makes slick movies with a lot of style, and to be fair, sometimes more style than content. It is safe to say that while The Means War is a great movie, it does only keep one foot on the floor of sensibility.

Don’t be put off by the rom-com tag, This Means War is fun to watch and the romance is more between the two male leads than it is with Reese Witherspoon. A fun movie to spend an hour and a half on.

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