A life you can live with

You know you have a choice eh? It’s true… what you wear, what you say, how you say it, who you hang out with…

Who in your life lifts you up and makes you feel great? Hang out with them. Have friends that pull you down and don’t track with a vision of a better, more meaningful life? Oh… what to do? Love them, but don’t allow that sort of behaviour keep you from designing a life you can live with.

What do you love to do? I believe you were meant to do that. I believe you were actually designed to do that very thing. Find people in your life willing to foster that growth and help you grow.

Action plan: Since you design the kind of life you wan to live, grab a notebook and write a full page on what that looks like. Write the names of all the friends you know and love that would be exited to share that vision with you. If you have less than five names, it’s time to get out and make new friends :)

ENJOY your day.

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