It’s Monday, April 18th and it’s snowing. I have a hot coffee, and I’m listening to some really good music. I love this morning routine when I’m not too busy to do it.

This weekend was JAM packed… we have a lot going on lately. We are preparing for a full band concert on the 15th of May (Jamie Prokop is the opener) I have studio work just about every day. I’m writing my next album… we brought a publicist on board (Thanks Tracy!). Gigs are booking up.

Want to know what I’m the most excited about? I get to work with a company called Compassion. I’m so impressed with the down to earth nature of the organization, and the way they direct funds from people that have to people that have not. I sang at a workshop to Compassion Advocates on Saturday… to be honest I was the biggest noob in the room, and I learned a lot.

Before I released “Man About Town” Angie and I talked at length about why I would really dig in to music again and start a solo career. The fact was, we needed a cause to work with. I refuse to to anything like this without a good reason. And Compassion fell right into my lap. I’m grateful to be apart of something bigger than me.

So. What are you all about? This isn’t just an update, it’s a challenge. I may play music, and you may work in an office. Whats the difference? What are you doing to help your world out? I’ll encourage you to think about it… you don’t need an answer today, or even this week. Just think about it.

Cheers! I hope your day is awesome.

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