Happy Canada Day

Ahhhh Canada. Home to the Moose, maple syrup, beaver tails (if you’ve spent time in Ottawa, you’ll know) long winters, warm summers, and the largest waterway system in the world. You can literally get almost anywhere in Canada by canoe with some portaging here and there. Canada is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in the world, next to Africa. And we have some of the interesting animals on the planet.

I love Canada mostly for the incredibly polite people. On the whole, we are down to earth, caring, helpful and polite. It’s even nice that there are a few jerks mixed in just to remind us of all the nice people around us :)

Just enjoy the day. Spend time with some people you love. Eat some good food. Teach your kids something cool about Canada.

It you are in St Thomas, I’ll see you on the stage at Faith today before the fireworks go off!



We just released a live album! I’m so proud of it.

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