It's been a long time

I haven’t blogged in a while, though I aim to do one every weekday… It’s been quite hectic around here, Lot’s of great things happening. Lot’s to share.

Firstly, the song “Worlds Apart” has been a great success, not just in sales (#4 on the iTunes singer/songwriter carts) but I’ve been receiving emails from Japanese people and others with strong ties there thanking us for the effort. It has been a source of relief vie tears for many… I’ll be proud to announce how much money we’ve raised as soon as I know. You have played such a huge part in this…

Secondly, I’m am now officially a “Compassion Artist”. I’ve been sponsored by Compassion to play shows to raise awareness for the need to help children in 3rd world countries… and fill that need.

If you heard my interview on Hunters Bay Radio on Monday, you will get a better picture of what I’m all about. I’m just one piece of the puzzle, and I’m here to work with you to make this world a better place. I can write and sing and talk, you can help with connections, promoting, and being my friend. I truly mean it when I say we can be friends

Thank you for your part. This will be fun, and we can do some good.

OK OK you twisted my arm… the interview is below if you would like to listen to it. Go here and support the station!


I wrote a song for Japan, and I’m putting it up on iTunes where I’ll be the first one to buy it because ALL the money it generates will go to help the people of Japan recover from the horrible recent events.

“It’s not easy to watch the footage and put your self in that position is it? What if it was me hugging my kids close, stranded in a tree as transport trucks rapidly floated by me while I prayed that my wife was somewhere safe? It breaks my heart and I want to help…”

Go to for details.

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