Japan relief

You know what is awesome? I’ll tell you what is awesome… people helping people. I really think that if we all could just help a little… across the world, in your city, in your community across the street.

Imagine having a life so full that TV was an unwanted distraction? Here are a few ways to enrich your life… it is your design after all.

!. Talk to more people and find practical ways to be a blessing.
1. Go for more walks, and smile and wave to people, if they seem really nice, talk to them.
2. Cook real food at home and involve your family in the process.
3. Plant a small garden.
4. Teach your kids how to weed that garden (I bet they’ll learn a lot from that)
5. Turn the TV off and read a book. (Kindle counts)
6. Be more open minded.
7. Stop worrying about things you can’t control.
8. Stop spending money that you don’t need to spend.
9. HERE’S THE BIG ONE… Go out and see real art, and listen to live music.

Sunday May the 15th I’ll be playing a show at Faith in St Thomas at 6:00 to raise money for Japan. The money is going to a friend of mine that grew up there… she is bringing supplies. Her Church there will use the money to buy things the LOCALS need to restart.

Please come and enjoy the show. Give what you can, I believe you will be blessed.

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