Live Ustream Event

So lots of bands have done live shows online via We are doing one better, you get to listen in to a practice :) (Not sure how that is any “better”, but we’ll go with it.)

This saturday we are going to start streaming at around 1pm as we set up, we’ll start playing around 2 and you can watch, or crank the speakers in your home and enjoy some music on a hot Saturday afternoon.

You’ll be able to watch right off the facebook page! Here’s the link for you

While you are at it, like it up so you can get the updates.

CONTEST. Would you like to BE there with us? The first 3 people to go to set up a profile and lend $10 to an entrepreneur in a third world country and email @ will be invited to sip ice coffee and hang with the band!

Seriously check out that site, you can make a huge difference and you get you money back (with interest).

We just released a live album! I’m so proud of it.

You can get it on iTunes here.

Or a physical copy off my website here

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