New Musical Friend: Will Youell

Another great thing about stepping back into music writing and performing is meeting new friends. I did just that when I performed at London Music Club a few weeks back. As soon as I’d sat down in the lounge an older gentleman and his wife sauntered in and immediately struck up a conversation with me. Will and Marilyn Youell were their names and Will was there to perform a few songs as well.

Eventually we moved to the performance hall together and watched the first few performers at the open mic. We talked between and exchanged CDs. Will performed before I did and he’s got a voice that I hope to have some day. It’s strong and world-weary and weather-beaten and crisp and I love it.

Here is one of the songs from Will’s CD that I’ve spent time listening to.
Download audio file (01%20Making%20Memories%20of%20Us.mp3)
(click here to listen if you don’t see the player above)

I didn’t find out until a while after that this is actually a Keith Urban song… which is good because Keith Urban’s version – in comparison to Will’s – well, it sounds kinda stuffed with cheese, if you know what I mean. Will’s given it a classic country feel, especially with the June Carter style background vocals.

Cheers Will – glad to meet you my friend. Til we meet again… be cool, brother.

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