Not Too Far From Here

Want to hear a new song? I’m recording a new album already… I’m a new solo artist and one EP is not much of a catalogue is it? So I’m working already on the new album. I’d be happy to have your input, maybe we can do a choir thing again, I’m always a big fan of that. I’m going to do videos for all the songs as well, so ideas are always welcome.

I’m using a few great people on this album to help me out. David Faris Plays electric guitar on this one. Nathan Smith will be laying drums tomorrow. It’s a bit moody, but I like it. Let me know what you think?

Here are the lyrics.

I saw the sun today. Through the disarray.  Thought I’d let it go…. Fly away black crow.

There’s nothing left to stow here friend
Holding to the last thing keeping you back
Keeping you back here
To the very bitter end, this life ascend
Were not too far from here…

So that change that comes our way.  I think we shall embrace.  And learn to live another day. no more hiding place

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