You will have obstacles to jump. Especially if you are doing something worthwhile… You will have moments for no reason that will make you want to quit. You will have people criticize you and tear you down. You will draw attention from people that will love to see you fail. Keep going.

If you are doing something you believe will make a difference in the lives of other people… if you are open and trying to make a difference you will reach hard spots in the road. Don’t stop moving.

Some people would rather tear down than believe in something. Don’t stop believing.

The beauty in all this is that there are only about 9 or 10 really angry people in the world that will try to make you feel bad. They move around a lot… but for the most part people are genuine and want to help :)

Thanks to Jim Rohn for the inspiration. Thanks to Mark for the photo.

It’s time to move and shake. Giver.

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