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It’s not rocket science. (Anyone actually know a “Rocket Scientist”??) I imagine being a rocket scientist isn’t nearly as hard as figuring out “life”. For some people it seems to get figured out for them… you know, the person in high school that burns though with straight A’s goes to school and gets a job making 6 figures… At some point in life though it seems that almost everyone has to re-asses and re-calibrate. This is when life gets really nuts. Career changes, divorce, crisis.

I think this can all happen to anyone, but it’s different when you have a purpose in life. What is your life all about. It’s harder to be distracted when you KNOW what you are about.

I’ve been trying to figure that out for myself for a while now… as in if I’m going to rock this life thing… what for?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a ninja :) I figured out there is no such job and eventually thought being a musician would be cool as well. My purpose is to connect lives through music and use it to inspire and make a difference. The cool thing about that is that it wouldn’t have to be music. I could do that anywhere with any job.

Enjoy the day today. Love your neighbour. Embrace change. Soak up some sun. Hug your kids. Remember your loved ones. Pace yourself. Take a break to think. Read a book. Do something good for yourself and the people around you.

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  1. isn’t that what Alicen Dubwa (i know, wrong spelling)’s husband does on Medium?