Since I’m Making a New Album, You Can Have the Old One For Free

I started recording a new album recently… it’s been a while. My first album was released in the year 2000. Since then I’ve written scores of songs and demo’d about 60-70 of them but haven’t released anything officially. Well, that should change by the end of the summer.

In anticipation of this, I’m giving away my first album for free via Noisetrade. Click on the album cover on the right to hear samples, then enter your email address to download the full album. (or Click Here if you see nothing on the right)

You can of course pay for it via Noisetrade, and if you do you’ll be helping me to finance the record I’m making right now.

I gave this album (“The Weight of Glory”) a re-listen recently and I’m pretty happy with how the songs stand up over a decade later. Don’t get me wrong – I think I write better songs now, but these were good too.


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