The Making of Blue Rodeo’s “Five Days in July”

If you travel much in folk/country-rock/americana circles, you should be familiar with this fantastic album by the Canadian band Blue Rodeo. It’s an album that’s been a seminal influence on my own songwriting.

There’s not a weak track on the album but the highlight moment for me is the guitar solo by Greg Keelor’s in the song “5 Days in May”. It’s simultaneously misplaced and well placed, as if it was transplanted from another song in which it sounded more appropriate, and yet… it fits here too. Have a listen… (RSS readers may need to click here).

The Ottawa Citizen recently did a feature story on the upcoming 20 year anniversary of the making of the album:

“The commune-like vibe and the trees and hills around them helped create a folk-rock record pitched and sold to the record company a mere detour from their electric, rockabilly-inspired, country rock repertoire.

‘The band was never the same after that record,’ Cuddy said. Many of their albums since boast harmonica, pedal steel guitar and layered harmonies reminiscent of the Five Days record.”

Read the rest here.

Bonus… found this cover version of the song that actually does it justice:

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