Yes it's true

Listening to my good friend’s new song this morning… His name is Rob, we used to be in a duo together called theBetween. I miss him when I play solo shows :)

“I want to give you so much more of me, and I just keep on holding back, holding back, oh oh…
”You keep calling me to taste and see, and I just keep Holding back, holding back, oh, oh…”

I love it. If you feel like you are holding back, I think you can stop. I think that it’s a choice, sometimes a hard one because we can be very selfish by nature… We have this incredible opportunity to be open, but we hold back. Why is that? Because deep down we really know better.

Today it’s about giving our best. And tomorrow as well.

Just a quick note :)


We just released a live album! I’m so proud of it.

You can get it on iTunes here.

Or a physical copy off my website here

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