A puff piece on Ashely Judd

Ashley Judd is an actress. She has starred many movies and is a vocal but well spoken woman who supports quite a few charities. She isn’t just a pretty face, Judd holds a degree in Mid Career / Master in Public Administrion. She can ofte be found at race tracks around North America as the wife of Scottish IndyCar driver, Dario Franchitti.

Judd recently starred in a television show called Missing, about a mother who had been a CIA agent, searching for her son who has gone missing in Europe. The show was a mid season replacement, which means that it wasn’t a first choice show, rather it is filling the gap of a show that hadn’t done as well as the channel (ABC) had hoped. Being on a national channel rather than a cable channel, there is very little of offend or draw attention to it. Or so it seemed.

Ashley Judd, who for 8 more days is 43 years old, appeared to, facially, gained weight. Her face was noticeably more rounded than when she was younger, and newspaper columns and television shows claimed that she had gained weight, had plastic surgery or that age was catching up with her. It should be pointed out that MS Judd is a very attractive women, as much actresses are, and her recent facial changes did little to diminish this. It actually suits her playing a middle aged mother. It is a lot more believable than seeing a size zero woman pretending to be a mother and an ex-CIA agent. Judd has a very beautiful smile and perhaps since the show is about a worried woman, the lack of her smile may also be affecting how she is being regarded.

Ms Judd, not relying on agents or press releases, responded to the accusastions and speculation with a scything commentary on the media for not getting their facts straight, and society for forcing upon the populous, what should or should not be considered beautiful.

In both parts, Ashley Judd is correct. In years go past, if a newspaper reporter tried to submit a story based upon speculation and/or one source, the editor would have thrown out the story and maybe the reporter to get corroborating information, be it another source or actual proof rather than speculation.

Every televison show pushes the ‘ideal’ woman down our throat, and when they do step outside of the box, they make the fact that the woman isn’t a skinny actress part of the actual show, as in Mike and Molly. The television company is saying that the unrealistic body types that appear all over the screen are more normal than a woman who is probably closer in size to most viewers. It is doubtful that ABC, CBS or NBC would consider a sitcom based upon a woman who is too skinny for her own good, and feature issues such as trying to find a bra that will push up nothing into something, not being able to go on rides because she is too light, suffer from medical ailments due to lack of vitamins.

Most of us probably feel pre-programmed to find slim women attractive, while in the back of men’s brains there is a part of us who want a real woman, a woman with breasts that aren’t artificially plumped up, that feels hood to hold. It is plain to see that there are women of all shapes, sizes, racial backgrounds who are all beautiful.

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  1. The days of real news are gone. Channels like CNN and newspaper-like tabloids spend most of their time speculating and don’t seem to feel the need to research and corroborate their stories. In a bygone day you could usually rely on the media to share the truth . . . not now . . .