Adele in a corset? Outrageous!!

What appears to be a storm in a tea cup has appeared around multi-Grammy award winner Adele and her appearance on the cover of American Vogue Magazine. Critics claim that the pictures do not represent how Adele truly is as the image appears to change shape and size. Some of the criticism appears to actually be aimed at Adele herself although just how much control an artist or model has over her own images, especially when they are to be used on a magazine cover, is apparently very small.

For her part, Adele has never shy-ed away from who she is. None of her videos feature only her face, unlike the lead singer of a rock band that featured two sisters. You don’t see her squeezed into tight clothing or simply shot at flattering angles. Why should she? She is a singer, not an actress or model where you have to be un-naturally thin to get work. Her voice is why she makes money and garners acclaim left, right and center.

Now, on the cover of Vogue magazine, she appears to be wearing a corset. As a red blooded male who believes that women are beautiful regardless of shape or size, a woman wearing a corset is far from offensive to me. I personally believe that a corset wearing woman is a very enjoyable sight. Corsets do what they are supposed to do, tighten the middle to give the wearer more of an hour glass figure. If the woman happens to have 20 minutes of sand up top, I really can’t complain!

So Adele is wearing a piece of clothing that many women wear, albeit not on the cover of Vogue. Why people seem to believe that she is deceiving her fans is beyond me. It is like a very hot red head who is actually naturally blonde. Make that two. Christina Hendricks and Emma Stone but that is neither here nor there unless you also can realise that Christina Hendricks is far from a size zero and yet was voted the best looking woman in 2010 by Esquire magazine. If Hendricks is photographed wearing a corset, I am pretty sure that there would be no complaints from anyone, lest of all me.

Yet Adele, who is not an actress, rather a soulful singer who makes records is being criticized for looking thinner than she truly is. As if she had a say in how she looked. Once the photographer has taken his pictures, they are passed onto the magazine or company who requested the photo shoot and once there, for most magazines, the images are tweaked and altered. Women‘s magazines are perhaps the worst offenders of this habit, presenting popular women unrealistically. Most people would appreciate having a photo shoot and then having someone tweak the images slightly. Remove a skin blemish, removing red eye, maybe adding or removing a tattoo? Your pictures aren’t going to appear in front of millions of pairs of eyes, unless you happen to send your images to very disreputable websites.

Think of it this way. What if Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, gave it to someone who then decided that he liked his women with more cleavage and happy faces, and altered the Mona Lisa accordingly. You could not blame Leonardo da Vinci. Of course, da Vinci didn’t live in a time where the internet lets a small issue blow up to huge proportions.

Once the dust settles, hopefully everyone will be able to agree that Adele is a beautiful woman, regardless if she is wearing a corset or not and that women’s magazines need to stop presenting their readers with images that have been altered electronically.

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