Another year over, a new one just begun

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Wow, where did the time go? It seems that 2011 simply flew by. There were plenty of ups and downs during the year so it is probably best to focus on the good memories and not forget the bad memories but rather learn from them. Some of us have had truly bad years and we hope that their next year will be much better. On the other end of the scale, we hope that those who have had a rocking good year will continue to go from success to success in the coming year.

Here is a quick state of the blog report.

It has been updated (again) but this time only a minor cosmetic job. A little lipstick and a touch of eye liner, a bit like Russell Brand. We have a number of contributors who are nice enough to share their writing with us. Of course we are always looking for more writers, especially those who are very opinionated and those who read and watch and like to review. If you want to write it, we want to post it.

A long await move with Facebook was made this year. Rather than having a ‘user profile’ for the Blog, we have migrated to a Facebook Page instead. We have over 2000 likes, although we obviously would love to have a lot more. With this many number of friends, we have a potential reach of over 350,000 pair of eyes on each post. It is a simply case of math. If 20 friends comment or share the post, and each friend has 100 friends then we have reached 2000 people. Makes you think doesn’t it. This is not counting our friends on Twitter or those website visitors.

With this in mind, we hope that perhaps some people or even organizations will take advantage of this. We already have a cordial relationship with the Canadian Blood Services as well as our local public library and farmers market to name a few. We continue to offer our services for free as we aren’t in it for the money, rather for the fame, glory and the opportunity of helping out our community.

If you are interested in writing, or taking advantage of what we offer, simply email us at and let’s start the conversation. You have nothing to lose and lots of gain! Have a think and let us know ;)

We are very fortunate that through the website we have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and we hope to meet many more.

Next year we hope to build on what we have now and get bigger and better, website wise anyway. Personally we are on the New Year diet that everyone seems to use every year.

We hope that your New Year brings happiness and may you and your family enjoy good health, prosperity and good luck.

See you in the New Year (or tomorrow, which ever comes first)

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