Be killed for what you wear

February 26th in Florida, 17yr old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer. Trayvon was unarmed. The reason why he was killed? He was wearing a hoodie. Stop what you are doing and read that again. He was killed because he was wearing a hoodie.

The neighbor watchman say Trayvon walking wearing a hoodie and called the police. BECAUSE HE WAS WEARING A HOODIE. What happened next is unclear other than to say that a 17yr old unarmed man was killed by a gun shot by someone who assumed that just because he was wearing a certain type of clothing, he was dangerous.

What made such a tragic incident even worse was once police arrived at the scene, they didn’t even take the neighborhood watch volunteer into custody. Did the police also assume that wearing a hoodie automatically makes you a criminal and a danger to the general public?

In this day and age of racial profiling, denied by everyone in authority, and heightened concerns about terrorism, is it acceptable to base a judgement on what a person is wearing?

If a Sikh gentleman is walking down the street wearing his turban, are we to believe that he is a curry eating, cricket fanatic from India? While the majority of Sikhs, approximately two thirds of them, live in India, there are still ten million who live elsewhere.

A woman wearing a burqa, following this logic, is either a terrorist or a woman who has been forced to wear this clothing against her will. A man wearing a knitted hat walks down the street, it doesn’t automatically mean the hat is a tuque and he is Canadian.

What is frightening about the death of Trayvon Martin is that a white Hispanic man killed an African American teenager and the local police did not appear to seriously consider anything other than the killers story. Calling the neighborhood volunteer a killer may not be politically correct but since he killed a man, he is a killer.

The President of the United States, an African American himself, stated that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon. The killing has become a nationwide story as more details have emerged. Trayvon was carrying a bag of Skittles and an iced tea. In what universe do Skittles and an iced tea make a person dangerous?

With attention seeking idiots like Geraldo Rivera claiming that anyone wearing a hoodie is asking to be shot, the flames are being fanned out of control. The most famous hoodie wearer in modern entertainment, E.T.’s best friend, Elliot, would have been shot. All those good looking people in the athletic wear commercials? Most of them would be dead. How many Jedi would be killed? All of them, even Master Yoda, shot would he be.

Modern entertainment doesn’t get away with they stereotypes of hoodie wearers either. How many times have you seen a television show or movie where the scene is the soon-to-be victim is approached by a person wearing a hoodie pulled down over their face? There you go, if Hollywood believes that hoodie wearers are violent muggers and killers, it must be true. After all, the sinking of the Titanic wasn’t so much a tragedy as a romantic story doomed from the start.

The old saying is that you cannot judge a book by it’s cover. Perhaps with books going out of fashion it is time for a new saying, wearing a hoodie does not make you a criminal?

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