Creationism and evolution

Lego DinosaurCreationism. The belief in intelligent design rather than evolution. That a supreme being created the world and everything within it. That the humans were created by a supreme being within the last 10,000 years. Not all those who believe in God are Creationists.

Bill Nye, universally known as the science guy as well as making bow ties cool before they were cool, while being a trained mechanical engineer as well as holding a Bachelor of Science, recently released a video suggesting that those who believe in creationism should let their children decide for themselves, else the future of the United States be affected by the lack of those capable of critical scientific thought.

When this video was put onto the CNN website, a huge number of comments were made, from both sides of the debate with some very highly comical arguments for each side. What appeared clear was that while for the majority of people, it is only evolution or creationism with no middle ground, there are those who believe in both.

To believe in Creationism, a person has to disbelieve any and all information that suggests otherwise. This includes dinosaurs, unless, as some choose to believe, there were dinosaurs roaming around the garden of Eden. According to the results of a poll carried out by Gallup, 46% of Americans believe in creationism. The majority of those believers are self-declared Republicans and those with the least education are the most likely to believe in intelligent design. Ironically, the nominee for President by the Republican party, Mitt Romney, is a Mormon.

In Petersburg, Kentucky there is the Creation Museum, which presents an account of the history of man inline with the beliefs of Creationism.

I recently spoke to a priest who is also a very highly regarded teacher. He is widely travelled and one of the most thoughtful and intelligent people I have ever met. While I originally asked him about Invicitus and the modern interpration of it, the conversation expanded and he offered his opinion on many topics. He believes in evolution, global warming and that the Bible, which was written many years after the events allegedly occurred, should not be taken literally, rather using it as a way of living ones life right. It is impossible to speak to this man and not walk away feeling enlightened and with greater knowledge.

Religion has always been a volatile topic, with wars being fought because of it. Debates will rage for weeks and months as each person tries to change the other persons views. For most, what you believe is what you believe and unlikely to change because of what someone else says. No matter what beliefs you may have, opposite opinions are likely to appear ignorant, uninformed and simply plain wrong as beliefs are ingrained within your very being.

Religion should be a personal choice and be between the person and their God and/or Gods, not pushed down others throats unless the person wants other people’s differing opinions pushed down theirs. Everyone has a right to religion, and everyone should be given the ability to choose for themselves what they believe in. Religion should not be enforced on others, nor should it be used to denigrate someone elses religion.

You should be able to worship, pray and belief what you wish, without prosecution or threat.

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