Doing it in Private

Private – No Admittance. Private Investigations. Private – For Your Eyes Only. Private Eye. These phrases may soon be the only things that deserve to be called Private.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, nor do I believe that the Bilderburg group really runs the world. I do believe that as your right to privacy is slowly being eroded, more and more the environment around us is encouraging us to give up our privacy.

If you are reading this on Facebook, you have obviously on the road to no privacy. The fact that you are on the internet contributes. When you get on the internet, your ISP or internet service provider, sees where you go, what sites you look at, what you download. It may not be monitoring you in real time but the records are there if ever required. If you log into your webmail (Gmail, Hotmail) the website knows which IP (Internet Protocol address) you are logging in from. It knows if you are in England or Argentina from your IP. You can essentially be tracked across the globe from each time you check your mail. Of course it may not be you logging on, in which case, you have a much large problem than just being tracked.

Say you have avoided the temptation to join the digital world, you do your shopping the old fashioned way, in a store! Each time you use a credit card or debit card, there is another piece of information that will be stored. You could always pay with cash, just avoid those stores that record your name each time you buy something.

In the UK, there is roughly 1 CCTV (close circuit television camera) for every 14 people, so unless you live under a hedge deep in the country, you are on television more often than Charlie Sheen. In major cities, you can pretty much be tracked from street to street as you move around, buying groceries and clothing using cash. With the sheer number of cameras, it would take a while to actually track you down but it is possible.

Going back to buying with cash. How do you get the money out of the bank? If you walk into a bank you are on camera, so you choose to use an ATM. You do realize that ATM‘s have built in cameras don’t you? This also requires a bank account and a card to withdraw money. Follow the Money is not only a great phrase but it is also correct.

To avoid banks completely, you get paid in cash. Wait, you have to work to get paid, so if the company you work for has benefits, more information is leaking out. Heaven forbid you are required to have a security check, a security pass, or references.

So where does this leave you? No internet, no social life, no modern clothes, food from the country side, if you have a job then it probably isn’t a legit one. All this just to avoid leaving a digital footprint. Is it worth it?

Yes, I know that there are probably trained professionals who, with monetary backing, can slip unnoticed through a crowd and across borders. That is not you. When you cross a border, you use a passport which now contains biometric information about you.

While you digest all this, I am going to hide under my bed while wearing my tin foil hat!

Image by Rob Pongsajapan

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