Election Day and Republican Rape

In the United States, today is election day. Unlike Canada with it’s mainly dour, unremarkable, and most often forgettable politicians, this election has given the public introductions to names such as Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, Tom Smith and Chuck Winder. Need reminding who these gentlemen are? They are all Republicans who have commented publicly on rape.

Mourdock said that rape was something that God intended, Akin claimed that women’s bodies can naturally prevent pregnancy from “legitimate rape”. Tom Smith suggested that having a child out of wedlock and rape were similar and Winder suggested that some women might not understand when they had been raped and then would falsely claim rape as so to get an abortion.

Please take a moment to re-read that last paragraph. These are elected officials who somehow believe that a woman being attacked and violated might be lying, or was just part of God‘s plan, or whose body could prevent pregnancy. Elected Officials. That means that they were voted into their positions. The voters believe in these men and put them into power.

In 2005, a woman testified at a Congressional hearing that she had been gang raped by co-workers in Iraq while working for a subsidory of Halliburton. Her lawyers claimed that an additional 38 women had also experienced such attacks. She was unable to go to arbitration against her employer because of a clause in her contract.

As a result of this, Democrat Al Franken proposed a motion that would prohibit federal contract to any company that required employees to sign mandatory arbitration clauses. The vote was 68 for and 30 against with 2 abstaining. Of the 30 who voted against this motion, 30 were Republican representatives.

In 1990 the Republican candidate for the Governor’s seat in Texas suggested that women being raped should just relax and enjoy it.

If the subject was not so offensive and horrific, it would be almost funny. These are grown men, allegedly educated, who not only disagree with the law concerning rape but have misguided opinions on the event. None of these Republicans are female. None have experienced rape first hand.

If women are no longer legally allowed to make decisions concerning their own bodies, the options are have a dangerous and illegal abortion, or to go through with the pregnancy as to always have a reminder of being raped. Not something that any Republican official will ever have to deal with.

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