Every man's dirty little secret

Go on guys, admit it, you have a secret. A dirty little secret that maybe one other person in the world knows about. Stop lying to yourself, stand up, be proud and admit it, you have a favourite chick flick! There, was it really that difficult?

The term Chick Flick doesn’t refer to the fun animated movie Chicken Run, rather a movie that features mainly with love, romance and other kissy kissy things. Bridget Jone’s Diary, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and of course, The Notebook! Movies that have women running to the box of tissues and that men running to the pub. Most men have at least chick flick that they will sit through, seeming grudgingly, all the while smiling on the inside and rooting for the lead characters.

I am no exception, I have those movies that make me smile in secret! Actually I have quite a few although some are only on the edge of being referred to as a chick flick. I am not embarrassed to admit this as admitting you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery. The second is apparently watching The Expendables!

I guess my ‘real’ chick flick secret is Sweet Home Alabama. Starring Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas it is a fish out of water story where the fish actually returns to the water that she was raised in. It also as the bonus of the annoying Patrick Dempsey getting rejected. That in itself is enough reason to watch this movie over and over.

Down with Love is on the edge. While it does star Renee Zellweger, queen of the chick flicks, she is starring along side Ewan McGregor as the most studly man in New York City in 1962. It is a period piece, if a period piece can be set only forty years ago. It’s cool and hip, it looks like a Rock Hudson / Doris Day movie and it is wonderfully written!

Opposites attract in Laws of Attraction when two divorce lawyers visit their separate clients, of the same marriage, in Ireland and wake up after a drunken night married. Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore play the lawyers who find that love changes how they look at their cases and each other.

The last movie, Intolerable Cruelty, also features a divorce lawyer, played by George Clooney, who finds himself defending his client from the beautiful Marylin, a gold digger, who hatches a dastardly plan when Cloony’s character leaves her with nothing from her divorce.

There, all laid out for everyone to see. I watch, and enjoy, chick flicks. I don’t go out of my way to watch them but sometimes the stars line up and you find a movie that just hits the spot. I have already lined up my next guilty pleasure.

The Decoy Bride is out in March but you can watch the trailer here and make up your own mind about watching it. My mind is already made up!

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