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All American Muslims is a show on The Learning Channel (TLC) that follows five Muslim families who live in Dearborn, Michigan. Up to December 9th, the show was not only flying below the radar of most people, it was only ranked 78th among cable shows on Sunday. All American Muslims is a documentary style program that shows how Muslims in American live their lives and how their faith affects their lives.

On December 9th, the Florida Family Association began a letter writing campaign aimed at sponsors of the show claiming that the show was propaganda for the Muslim way of life and didn’t show a true depiction of Muslim life. This is an organization that claims that US President Barack Obama is Muslim, the new Spider-man character will be a homosexual, the MTV show Degrassi is a transgender show, and Chaz Bono should not have appeared on Dancing with the Stars. Their website is comprised of boasts about their achievements and calls for complaining about anyone who appears to not be like them.

As someone who has seen every possible thing on the internet and been unaffected by nearly all of it, the Florida Family Association website is quite disturbing and appears to be as much an extremist organization as the Westboro Baptist Church. While freedom of speech is so important, websites such as these push the boundaries of what is acceptable. It is a hate site aimed at anything other than good god fearing Christians.

In response to the letter writing campaign, Lowes, the home improvement store, pulled their ads from the show and while not naming the show directly, claimed that they were doing it because of shows that didn’t met their level of expectations. They were not the only company but they have been the one highlighted mostly.

Hate groups such as the FFA always aim at high profile targets to get maximum publicity. They have never suggested boycotting the NBA because of Rasheed Wallace, Shaq, or the great Kareem Abdul-Jabber. Do any of their members not watch boxing because of Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins and the greatest of the great Muhammad Ali?

Who do they listen to? Obviously not Akon, Snoop Dogg, Mos Def, Ice Cube, the Jackson 5 (Jermaine Jackson is Muslim), and of course, the Irish American group House of Pain because of rapper Everlast. Dave Chappelle, comedian extraordinaire, cannot be watched for the very same reasons.

I pity anyone who subscribes to the FFA point of view as they are unable to use Old Spice deodorant seeing as the ultimate man, Isaiah Mustafa, advertises them.

Add this to the long, long list of homosexual and lesbian actors, writers, song writers & singers, as well all other professions, I fear that those few FFA members are unable to watch television, visit the cinema and generally enjoy life. Perhaps if they did they would realise how out of touch their views are with the rest, and majority, of the world.

Life is too shot to waste time hating anyone because they are different to you. In the end, by choosing to hate, you miss out more than you gain.

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