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You may have noticed on Facebook that some people have been posting a survey of a hundred books that someone or other believe everyone should read before they die. It lists old classics as well as more modern books. I have read a few but not a lot. I tend to read more modern stories. No particular reason, just because I find authors who are still alive write more.

While mass produced books may have started with the invention of the printing press, the next generation appears to be digital. Can digital really replace paper? While you can have more than one book on a digital device, it is more likely to be ruined if you drop it in the bath. If you are sat on a beach reading a book, will you look like a nerd reading an ebook? If the world loses power, you can still read a paperback!

I digress though, if you read books, you have favourite authors as well as favourite books. A lot of books are non-fiction books about something real, about someone who really lived, or a computer book for dummies. A lot more are fiction based, a book that features made up characters, places, sometimes worlds. I tend to read fiction for the same reason I watch most movies, to get away from my everyday life, to have a few hours of escapism before real life intrudes. They can take you many miles away from where you are, en-capture your imagination and even inspire you.

There is a town on the Welsh/English border called Haye-On-Wye which has the greatest number of second hand books stores for it’s population. You can, and will, spend a whole day going from shop to shop, neck at an angle trying to read the titles on the spines of books on countless number of book shelves. The thrill of finding a book you have been looking for, the wonderment when you find a new author to read, the pain when you try to straighten your neck.

We all have favourite authors and I am no different. I love reading Alistair MacLean, Nelson DeMille, Harlan Coben, Ken Follett, James C. Cobb, Terry Pratchett, Tim Dorsey, Clive Cussler, the list goes on, but when I try to think of my favourite books, I find it difficult to choose more than one book per author. While I might enjoy most of an author’s novels, there are usually three or four that stand out to me, and from this list I can choose THE best book in my opinion.

Off the top of my head I would have to list the following as my favourite books by these authors:

Alistair MacLean – Where Eagles Dare
Nelson DeMillePlum Island (or Night Fall)
Ken FollettCode To Zero
James C. Cobb – Choosers of the Slain
Terry Pratchett – Colour of Magic (or Soul Music)
John N. Nance – Orbit
Michael Connelly – The Black Echo

Even from this list there are more than one book listed for an author, it is difficult to get down to one. These are authors whom I have most of their books already, ignoring those books from authors that I only have a few books of. One day when I suddenly have nothing to do, so no time soon, I will do a large bracket of all my books so that I can finally decide my favourite book. It will take a long time to do!

So who are your favourite authors and books? Can you just choose one book from each author that you read? If you post below, perhaps you will find others who agree with your choices!

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