Finish what you started

Here at the St. Thomas Blog, we spend hours searching through the internet to find content as well as potential contributors. A simple search such as ‘St. Thomas Ontario Blog‘ will find thousands of websites, only the majority of them have not had anything written for over a year. There is no final posting letting readers know what is going on, just a disappearance.

Imagine you were reading the latest book by an author and half way through, it was blank, no more writing. You would be upset and since you have the internet at your fingers, you could track down the author and tar and feather them! This is the real reason why authors always finish their books.

When I left school back in the *cough* 80s, computers were for playing games, or keeping a database on. If I wanted to express my teenage angst I would have to put pen to paper and write it down. I cannot speak for the rest of you but my typing so much faster than my writing. I would get bored writing and stop, but online, I can let my fingers do the talking and often complete what I am trying to say.

And what I am trying to say is that I don’t understand why there are not more people who write blogs. It doesn’t have to be a blog about a specific topic, nor does it have to be an anonymous blog about rude things, but if you are educated, able to type and have passion, there should be no reason at all not to write often.

I find writing helps me think out ideas, express my opinions and share my thoughts. I often will write three or four paragraphs before realizing that I am talking complete rubbish and deleting. Just because I write something doesn’t mean that I am going to share it. I have a post at the moment that is a little ‘touchy’ that I don’t believe that the Blog is the proper forum for.  Another place perhaps.

I personally like to write because I am able to type very quickly and find that my words can often keep up with the ideas free flowing through my head. It is a good mental exercise and I have discovered that my spelling ability has improved a lot. This is why I encourage others to write as well. I believe that if you are passionate about something you should share that passion. If you love books, even the twilight series, why not share? Read a good book or seen a good movie? Review it! Have you just had an idea for something that by yourself you may not be able to accomplish? Why not put it online and see if either someone can help you, or take the idea further?

When I look for blogs and potential collaborators, I look locally, simply because we are a local website and I am know we have so many talented people around here. It would be easy to find people who want to write if I expanded my search to all of Ontario, Canada, North America or the world but that really doesn’t achieve a lot other than more content.

One of the perks of collaborating is that each time you post you can have a little blurb attached to your name to help advertise your business (in general, not every sale), with contact information, websites, phone numbers and even addresses. By writing content that people enjoy, you get your name out there, it is kind of like cheap publicity, the only charge is your contributions!

We are ALWAYS looking for more people so please don’t be shy!

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