Happy 2013!

2012-2013Well it is the start of a new year so let’s have a look back at 2012. Compared to 2011, 2012 was a very good year for the St. Thomas Blog. In terms of Unique visitors, we went from 61,030 visitors in 2011 to 128,553 in 2012, an over 100% increase. The number of visits went up from 150,200 to 273,902! As always changes were made to the design of the website and they seem to have worked.

On a wider scale, 2012 had nearly everything in it. Natural disasters, horrific incidents and moments of amazement and heroism. Too much to sum up in just one article. There was the Olympics, ice hockey decided to strike again and the players claimed that they wanted for the fans of the sport and then left to play in Europe. The movie industry had a brilliant year and so did the music industry. Politics was interesting with certain ‘leaders’ either removed from office for questionable actions / police investigations or left of their own accord. South of the border, Barack Obama retained the White House against the Republican party.

St. Thomas also had an interesting year although it is probably best described by Ian Mccallum on his wonderful blog (http://ianscityscope.wordpress.com/2012/12/29/a-quotation-for-everything-the-past-year-in-review/#more-5286). If you want to read from someone with their finger on the pulse of St. Thomas, Ian’s blog is the best way to do so.

So what will happen in 2013? Obviously it is difficult to make predictions as several doomsayers found out last year. One certainty will be that the Blue Jays will be the most interesting team to watch in the Major Baseball League. What else? We will all get older, perhaps bolder. Many people will have made resolutions which won’t last the month, let along the year. The Rolling Stones will probably still tour, possibly selling Stones detailed walkers.

Focusing a little closer to home, the St. Thomas Blog will continue to do what we do. Attempt to list every event relative to St. Thomas, post articles from a varied number of sources, build and re-build the website until it is the most useful tool possible. There are plenty of plans for this and that but as always, some will succeed and some won’t. There will be countless requests for more input for the website, more submissions, more ideas.

Why not become part of the St. Thomas blog? If you have a blog or website, consider sharing your posts. If you enjoy writing, continue to enjoy writing, simply share your talents with us and through us, St. Thomas. Do you have an idea, or perhaps a suggestion that you believe would improve us? Tell us! The best that could happen is that we implement it, the worst being that we get upset, sulk and take our ball home.

As always, thank you for taking the time to skim, read or reply to our posts. Submitting events, allowing us to help bring lost pets home and offering opinions.

We hope you have a safe, fruitful, 2013 and find success, happiness and joy.

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