Happy Birthday to Us!

Two years ago, in the May of 2010, The St. Thomas Blog was born. It was an accidental happening, one that came about because of the lack of information concerning when the steak dinner was being served at the St. Anne’s Festival that year. From those strange beginnings, the website and our readership have both grown.

As with all growing concerns when they first start out, there was some set backs, some stumbling, some mishaps, but also a lot learnt. Friends have been made along the way of a journey that has been fun, if stressful some times. It has been a wonderful experience to meet so many different people all of whom make St. Thomas a better place.

The website has grown from a very basic design to a custom-made site with more than just events listed. Opinions, reviews and even recipes can be found on its pages. The blog has become a place where readers can find out about the latest, cutest cats and dogs that are looking for new homes. The newly added Crime Beat section shows just how hard our local police force are working to keep St. Thomas safe. Visitors can even track local gas prices from our pages.

We have had many contributors to the blog. Some writing just once, others regularly. So many talented people who have chosen to share their talents with the website and it’s readers.

There have been times when either mis-understanding, or ill-informed opinions have ruffled feathers and pissed off people. As we were told, even if people get upset, it shows that they are reading what you write. We have always apologised if we find that we are in the wrong, sometimes we were simply not wrong.

While it has been a great journey of discovery, not all that has been unearthed has been golden. Too many times we have encountered those who don’t wish to share information or ideas, who don’t want to help others, who are too busy looking to profit, who want to gain either financially or in publicity. Balancing this have been the amazing ones who work such long hours to help others and the city. The number of charity volunteers in the city is staggering, many working unheralded behind the scenes. There are so many individuals who help out when they really don’t need to, those who think of others before them selves.

St. Thomas is genuinely nice place to live. It isn’t perfect, but there are very few places that really are.

So what is the future of the St. Thomas Blog? Like St. Thomas the city, the future is pretty much unknown. We don’t aim to be going anywhere soon, rather we hope to build on these past two years and grow both in size of readership and friends, and in what we can offer the city. Hopefully we will be bringing you more contributors, more events, and more ideas on how St. Thomas can keep getting better.

Thank you for being a friend.

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