How waiting to check out is bad for you

Check Out
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Standing in line at a store, waiting to check out can tell you a lot about the world we live in and it isn’t always a good thing.

Most stores pack the last three feet before the cashier with tempting morsels that drive children into screaming bundles of terror. No matter what you are about to buy them, there is always a bar of chocolate or something that catches their eye like a sparkly piece of paper attracts the magpie. Of course this isn’t just children that are affected by this, adults have been known to pick up a treat or two that they wouldn’t otherwise have wanted. It isn’t a coincidence that these temptations are placed here, rather they are placed there on purpose so that shoppers will pick up something else on their way through. Good thinking by the store planners.

It isn’t just junk food that calls our names when we are trying to buy things. Next time you are about to purchase whatever you have picked up, have a look at the magazines lining the way. On one side have the scandal sheets that week after week invent more and more creative ways to slander, cast dispersions and shock the readers. Just last week I ‘discovered’ that Brad Pitt had apologized to Jennifer Aniston while Angelina Jolie had a secret, romantic dinner with Aniston’s new beau. Oh, also Pitt and Jolie can’t stand each other. It is amazing that all this is happening and yet in the real life, one of the most famous couples in the world are still together. I am also unsure how a scandal sheet knows about a secret dinner, and then at the meal, know what was said.

These are the same publications that scorn women in popular culture for being too big, having cellulite, and wearing unflattering clothes, then next week claim that the very same women are too skinny, and had too much plastic surgery. No wonder young women struggle with their self image.

Talking of which, you also have the magazines for women, the ones that talk about fashion, men, famous women, men, and of course dieting every single week. If you look on the cover of a lot of them you will see ways to loose 10 to 15 lbs in just ONE WEEK!! Why isn’t there an article that explains how to eat healthy and be happy with who you are and what you look like. What right does a publisher have to try and influence their readers into believing that they are all overweight? Talking of which, when you look at the cover of these magazines, usually featuring a famous woman, do you notice how perfect the woman is, no blemishes, no marks, and how their body is perfect, very slim but with no bumps or lumps. This is called being PHOTOSHOPPED! A tweak here and a tweak there and before you know it, the body has been trimmed, the skin colour leveled out, and the eyes made brighter. Again, giving the wrong impression to every day, normal, not perfect in the sense of a magazine cover but perfect in every normal way.

Finally, we come to a magazine that deserves to be spotlighted. Not only does it do all of the above paragraph, it also promises, every single issue, to have discovered brand new ways to make your man go wild in bed, or 25 positions for the best sex of your life, or the four magic words that make every man want you. I hate to break it to you ladies but the magic four words are, and in no particular order, Bacon, Bacon, Bacon and Bacon. I am not a lady, nor am I a woman, but I have read my fair share of Cosmopolitan. Usually looking for the sex tips, but I have read it. I don’t understand (because I am a man?) why women feel that they need to learn new things to do in bed to keep their man satisfied. From a male chauvinistic point of view, you have the man in your bed, he is probably happy to be there regardless what you learn in Cosmo.

So the next time you walk to the checkout to buy your groceries, take a look at what is around you. You will feel the urge to buy chocolate while looking at altered images of famous women who are probably being described as too large and sleeping with Brad Pitt using the tips they learned in a glossy magazi

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