Please don't spoil Bo Derek for me!

The first actress that I truly thought was the most beautiful woman in the world was Bo Derek. She was, and still is at 55 is still, pretty damn hot. I couldn’t tell you what it was although I could tell you what it wasn’t. It wasn’t the silly beaded hair in the movie 10. In what universe was it fair that Dudley Moore got to chase Bo Derek while I was still playing with Lego and wondering if I would ever grow hair on my, well lets just say I was still young.

I had grown up watching movie and could appreciate that Raquel Welch and Sophia Loren were very attractive in their day, and Charlies Angels had a serious effect on my fantasies for the next thirty years, but Bo Derek was beautiful. I found it difficult not to stay at her when she was on the television. I was too young to be in lust but it was close!

The thing is, I never stopped to question what she may look like first thing in the morning, without wearing makeup. OK, let me rephrase that. I never thought about just looking at her first thing in the morning. At my young age I didn’t really have a grasp on what makeup was and how women can alter, change and improve their looks with just a dab of this and a touch of that. I thought that all women had black eye lashes and rosy red lips naturally. Oh to be young and naive again.

I wonder what it is like to be young today. I could ask my 8 year old but he hasn’t shown any interest in girls other than having the ability to name every single Bond girl. Wait, there was that moment at a bar when he asked two Bud Light girls to be his girlfriends. Aim high young man, aim high!

I can’t imagine how it would be having a favourite actress or singer only to have your perfect woman torn down before your eyes as shock pictures of her without her makeup on, appear in newspapers and online. Why would you want to see someone without their makeup, no matter how famous they are? Are the viewers supposed to like them less because underneath the product they look like every other woman? Perhaps we should like them more because of that?

What is it about us that love to build up these famous people simply in order to drag them down again? No body is perfect, everyone has flaws and if you are followed around by people with cameras all the time, pictures of your flaws will appear.

I can truthfully say that I don’t care that Lindsay Lohan came out of a gym with her midriff showing. Yes, Paris Hilton made a ‘sex video’ that surprisingly and obviously accidentally on purpose was released into the viral world but I don’t really want to watch it (again). Note to all potential home made, career boosting, keeping in the limelight, sex video stars. Don’t use night vision, no body wants to see the Hulk eating a banana.

If someone is famous, that doesn’t mean I need to know everything about them, that anybodies comments about them are newsworthy, and that rumours will fly around faster the flies around a fresh, steaming pile of crap. The 9 year old in me doesn’t need to know if Bo Derek had any flaws. I sincerely hope that she hasn’t experienced any issues that today’s media would have deemed newsworthy. I don’t want that image that I have carried in my head for so many years to be ruined.

Rather like the world today where pedestals are simply for putting stars on so that it is easier to pull them back down, I agree with the ancient civilisations that things of beauty should be placed on pedestals for all to see and admire. And if you are very quick and sneaky, the 9 year old in you can try to see up their dress!

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