Real vs Fake. Which do you prefer?

No it isn’t about that but I do appreciate the way your mind works!

To say that money is tight for most people would be an understatement, belts have been tightened ,the economy is struggling to recover, and to top it all, we are trying to pay all the bills from Christmas. It is difficult to justify spending money on anything essential, let alone something that you are paying more for because of the brand.

Say you are in the market for a handbag, gentlemen, please just play along OK, and you want something trendy. You could spend at least $400 on a handbag made by Coach, or spend $50 to get one that isn’t a name brand. The third option is to get a conterfeit, a knock off, a fake Coach handbag. A very quick search online will find you websites that offer ‘Coach’ handbags for $50 if not less. At that price you know that the product is not legitimate. Should that make a difference and should it matter?

Using the above example with rough costs, you could buy 8 Chinese ‘Coach’ handbags for the price of a real one. Rather than having one handbag that you carry around and guard as if it is the Crown Jewels, you have 8 that you can treat normally and won’t fall into a deep depression if you loose.

How about an example for the men? Big fan of the English Premier League? Love Liverpool? Buy a Liverpool jersey in Canada and you are looking at around $80, while online from China, around $20. Four jerseys for the price of one?

Yes, they are fake. Yes, selling them is illegal. Yes, it is a retail version on online piracy, but if you are on a limited budget and you don’t want to spend over the odds simply because of the logo on the product, other than your concsions, why wouldn’t you do it? So what if the fake version only lasts half the time of the real one. So what if you can’t try it on before you buy it. So what if it isn’t completely on the up and up.

How many people will look at two products that look very similar if not identical and then choose the more expensive one? Perhaps that isn’t the right way to phrase it.

How many people will look at two products (without being able to see the logo or brand) that look very similar if not identical and then choose the more expensive one? Would you? And how much does the little logo on the product influence you when making the decision?

Why pay $20 more for a T Shirt simply because it says Nike on the label. Why pay for a name brand can of food when the no name brand is canned in the same factory? Advertising pushes us towards a known brand, making us believe that we will be cooler/smarter/more fashionable if we spend $100 on a pair of Lulu Lemon yoga pants rather than $20 on a pair of identical Walmart pants, except for the little logo, of course.

So going back to the original question. Do you hold out for real, saving your money, limiting what you can buy, or do you accept that while it may no be perfect, the money you save more than makes up for it?

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