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We all know that we should recycle paper, plastic and glass but what about electronics?

Cell phones can be recycled. Did you know that? Once a cell phone has come to the end of its useful life for you (out of fashion, superseeded, want a different make) you can either sell it to someone who wants it or you get rid of it. If you throw it in the garbage, the little gnomes that live in the phone die, but if you recycle it at one of the locations listed below, the gnomes are sent to a retirement gnome!

You can recycle your cell phone here:

Rogers Plus    @ 308 Wellington St
Bell @ 1063 Talbot St.
Digital Power @ 899 Talbot St.
Telus @ 1063 Talbot St
The Source @ 1063 TALBOT Street

What about other electronics? What about computers, iPods, DVD players? They often contain toxic chemicals including lead, mercury and cadmium, which can make them particularly hazardous to the environment. Here is some information from the CAA website that I have cut and pasted as it pretty much covers what we are talking about.

Retail Stores

The next time you’re in the market for a new toy, give the outdated version back to the retailer. Best Buy and Future Shop offer in-store ”recycling stations” where customers can leave items such as MP3 players, batteries, cellphones and ink cartridges for recycling (Be sure to call or check out the stores’ websites for details on the types of products they accept).

Apple lets you recycle your old computers and monitors by purchasing a recycling package (including shipping materials) online through their partner, Metech (at a cost of $30 US). Once you receive the package in the mail, you can arrange for Metech to pick up your used hardware.

Handheld Sony products can be recycled at all Sony Style retail stores. All other Sony products can be recycled at Sony collection centres located across Canada.

Charities/Non-profit organizations

The Charitable Recycling Program will contribute to the charity of your choice for each used cellphone you give them.

Businesses can support Industry Canada’s Computers for Schools Program, which refurbishes used computers and distributes them to schools across the country.

Recycling resources on the web

If your cast-offs still have some life left in them, check out listings on craigslist, kijiji or freecycle, where you might be able to sell or donate your used electronics. Tip: Be sure to check out the artists’ communities on craigslist and kijiji where artistic types sometimes request old electronics to use in their projects.

Enter your postal code into the My Green Electronics site to bring up a list of electronics recycling resources in your area. The U.S.-based Consumer Electronics Association runs this site, but it will also tell you where to recycle electronics in major Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and St. John’s.

Arrange for the Electronic Recycling Association to pick up old electronics from your business by filling out an online form.

This information was found at CAA Magazine where they have so much more than just CAA information!

A big shout out to Eleanor who planeted the seed for this post.

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  1. Local school – St Thomas Community Christian School also collects cell phones, digital cameras, ink cartridges, ipods for a recycling fundraiser.

  2. That is even better, being able to recycle goods and help raise funds!