Revamping Sex Education with P0rn

Do-Not-DisturbWarning. While not resorting to crude wording, there will be multiple references to both male and female sexual organs, acts of sex and other possibly icky things. Read on at your peril!

For most of us, sex education in school thankfully a distant memory. There truly was nothing stimulating about a teacher, who was probably old enough to be your mother/father, discussing the ins and outs (pun intended) of sexual reproduction. To be fair, it is probably quite difficult to craft a lesson using words such as penis, vagina, sperm, egg and babies anything but dry, slighty embarrassing for all, and nothing that couldn’t be found in a textbook. At various points during lessons, boys will laugh, snigger, ooh and aah (usually while watching child birth) and girls will blush slightly and whisper with friends. In the interest of full disclosure, all I remember about my sex ed. class was something to do with twelve and a half minutes and sitting on the top deck of a double decker bus. I think I may have missed something.

POrnography will not be such a distant memory for a lot of readers. After all, the internet has made it widely available and is able to cater to the most diverse of peccadilloes. Those familiar with internet memes and ‘rules’ know that Rule 34 is the cardinal rule, “If it exists, there is pr0n of it”. It is safe to say that pr0n does not focus too much on the reproductive cycle, spending more time on things that often happen outside the of a woman’s body. If you sit down and actually think about it, pr0n is a great advertisement on how to avoid pregnancy. There are very few, if any, pr0n movies that show an ejaculation inside of a vagina.

pornography also mis-represents the act of sex so much that it is perhaps distorting a generations opinion on exactly what sex is and how it should be performed. A viewer of a movie, without prior knowledge of sex might think that sex should be always include different acts, not all inside of a woman’s body, and some inside of a woman’s body that are guaranteed not to make babies, before ejaculating anywhere but in the vagina. The viewer would probably be quite confused as to conception actually takes place.

Sex education should include p0rnograhy movies to highlight that it is entertainment, designed to titilate, rather than represent the actual act of sex or love making. Girls should realise that breast implants are not compulsory (although the average size of a p0rn stars breasts are a 34B) and no pubic hair is a choice, not a must. How to put this delicately. Girls should also know that the acts of “looking for love in all the wrong places” is not always necessary and that for some women, it is unwelcome and unwanted. Finally, a cure of acne or greasy skin is not to apply copious amounts of male ejaculate to the face. Besides, it apparently stings quite a lot if some gets in their eyes!

Boys, who will make rude comments and joke, have to learn that the average size of the male member is 5.5 inches and not something that resembles a baseball bat. That women don’t automatically want to have something shoved into a space normally reserved as garbage chute. Perhaps most importantly, the act of sex or lovemaking does not have to be a three hour performance with enough changes of position to make the writers of the Karma Sutra consider putting out a sequel.

P0rn is not a real life documentary. Several takes are used, forced perspective such as large men and petite women can make things like bigger than they actually are. Both male and female bodies are not always tanned, smooth, wrinkle free and exhibit evidence of long hours at the gym. It is a movie, a fictional representation of something, with all the boring, slow, unattractive parts cut out. In many ways a p0rn movie is like the highlight reel from a football game. All the catches, runs and tackles but none of the fumbles or dropped balls (yes, pun intended number 2).

What it can be though is the perfect example of what real life sex is not, and while perhaps being titillating, probably inappropriate and the sheer antithesis of current sex ed. it is perhaps time to use it, in the correct setting, to keep the next generation from growing up with a distorted view of the bedroom.

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