SHOCKING! Women without makeup can be ugly!

An article on recently shocked the world when it posted pictures of super models without makeup alongside pictures of the same super model with makeup. ( headline used actually used the word shocking as if this was news to anyone. The fact that super models look like everyday women is about as surprising as Ricky Martin coming out of the closet.

Most people understand that women wear makeup to improve their look, and with the right application of said makeup, they can easily increase their attractiveness while subtly, or not so subtly, making adjustments to their natural features. Eye liner brings focus to the eyes, blush makes the cheeks stand out, bright red lipstick simply raises the heartbeat of any men walking by. It is confirmed when you realise that makeup falls under the heading of cosmetics, as in elective cosmetic surgery.

According to the U.N. Development Programme (UNDP), Human Development Report 1998, 8 billion is spent on cosmetics each year. The population of the world in 1998 was 6 billion. Some women are spending a lot of money to look different.

Back to the supermodels though. As many trashy magazines like to ‘shockingly expose’ music and movie stars often look very different to their professional look. Puffy eyes, blotchy skin, cellulite (the number one shocker based on a completely fictitious survey of trashy magazines) and other issues that are common to the, well, common people. Is there anyone in the world who truly believes that Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and other beautiful women look like death warmed up in the morning when they roll out of bed? Perhaps if they wore their makeup to be and it somehow stayed perfect? I know that my wife looks like a panda in the morning if she doesn’t remove her makeup before bed.

To be a super model it seems that you have to start off with ‘good bone structure’ facially, young and often the body of a 12 yr old boy, although that does seem to be slowly changing. As the saying goes you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig, there has to be something there to begin with for the makeup to enhance. Based upon the aforementioned shocking expose on super models, there are a handful, less than ten depending on your tastes, that look nearly as good as they do with makeup. Some of the models wouldn’t get a second look in a bar. It just goes to show how powerful and important the right application of makeup is.

Eyeliner, that dark line around the eye, was used in Egypt as early as 10,000 BC. While history is a little sketchy on this point, it is believed that there was a MAC outlet in Egypt where eyeliner made from a number of components, such as lead, was sold by a heavily tattooed Egyptian goth. Cleopatra was famous for wearing it. Cosmetics is nothing new, yet to some people, or websites, the fact that women use it to look better is ground breaking, earth shattering and down right shocking. I am unsure why the word shocking gets used so much for these kind of articles, perhaps to people in the know, the word shocking actually means obvious!

Nobody marries because their spouse looks good in makeup and just average without it. Nobody buys a house that looks amazing at Christmas when decorated and yet for the rest of the year, looks like every other house in the neighbourhood. Nobody should be shocked that famous people aren’t naturally blessed with rosy red lips, rosy cheeks, and eye lashes so thick and dark that they look like Ray Liotta. And hopefully nobody feels inadequate or ugly simply because without makeup, they don’t look as eye catching as a famous actress or super model. Men love women for everything about them, be it personality, the open minded twin sister who owns a brewery, or because they make the man feel special.

The next shocking expose, men who suck their stomach in when they see a beautiful woman!!!!!!!

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