Should you be punished at work for a hobby at home?

How would you like it if you went to work one day and found that you had been suspended or punished because of a hobby that has no connection with your employment?

A married 36 year old Police officer is currently serving a ten day suspension for his hobby. His hobby? Taking photographs of ladies who are either naked or semi naked. The poses are not the lurid kind you would find in magazines on the top shelf in stores, the models aren’t lying on beds drapped with white sheets.

The officer’s hobby is taking photographs of women dressed up as mythical creatures such as Vampire, Sorceresses, Lycanthrope (werewolves), Elementals, Fairies, Nymphs, Mermaids, Warriors, Witches, and Succubus. Fans of Dungeons and Dragons will recognize all of these creatures. While there are probably those who happen to have a mythical creature fetish, these images are not pornographic by any stretch of the definition.

According to Wikipedia, pornography or porn is the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter, while erotica are works of art, including literature, photography, film, sculpture and painting, that deal substantively with erotically stimulating or sexually arousing descriptions. Based upon these guidelines, the photographs can only be called erotic art.

The San Francisco Police Department has been launched to see if the photographs has a negative impact on both the officer and the police department as a whole. Given the quality of the photographers website ( it is unlikely that many people would have been aware of the hobby until the news story broke.

The larger question though is should someone be disciplined for having a hobby outside of work? Obviously being part of Occupy Wall Street clashes with your day job if your day job is Donald Trump, but for an everyday Joe? As long as the hobby is not illegal in any way, there are very few issues that should arise. And even if you do have a questionable hobby, steps can be taken to disguise or mask who is behind it.

Could your job clash with any hobby you enjoy?

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