State of the Bunion Speech

Ladies, gentlemen, and those millions watching on television at home, today, now, this is the state of your St. Thomas Blog website as we stand right now.

Last Friday, we held our first, but surely not last, office party and much silliness was had by all. Thank you to all those to participated and joined in. This threatens to become a monthly or even more often event so please stay tuned for when and where and how and who and so forth.

The website as it stands is evolving, changing and not staying the same. We are constantly tweaking both the content and how that content is distributed around the world. Our most common form of distribution has been Facebook. After several mis-haps and boo-boos in the transfer of information (anyone else tired of seeing my face 20 times in a row) we have moved to a more advanced form of transfer that promises to not upset as many people. We still have our twitter service, dishing up news and information at 140 characters at a time.

We are constantly looking to add fresh new faces to the website, both as topics and as writers. Our philosophy is that good writers should be allowed to be read and we are looking for those good writers who are passionate about something. As much as a lot of people have blogs, not many are subject specific, and as such, we look only for those who have a serious topic that they partake in. As mentioned previously, they should be good writers unlike what I is.

Testing has begun on the Yard Sale feature. When this is released it will allow those holding a yard sale to have it posted on the website and for those planning an early morning shopping spree, it will show them where the yard sales are being held, allowing for planning of the route and where the nearest Tim Hortons will be.

Talking of events, again in response to multiple postings on Facebook, we are no longer going to be transferring events to Facebook. We sometimes have a large number of events to enter and by entering them all in one sitting, allows us to relax, sleep, and those other normal activities. Normally, this would mean that all these posts would be slapped straight onto Facebook annoying one and all. Now, they will just be listed on the website as both a list and as a calendar. Talking of calendars, if you have a smart phone, or use an online calendar, you can subscribe to our events calendar by using iCal.  That way, no matter where you are, you will always know what is going on and where.

Feeling lazy? Too busy to spend every single waking hour online? We have a solution for you too. A weekly newsletter, in testing at the moment, that will let you know what you have missed in the previous week. You won’t even have to walk to the door to pick it up, it will appear in your email inbox as if by magic!

Finally, as always we are looking for people who want to be our insiders. Those men and women who work behind the scenes to make the events so amazing. If you want to be an insider, just email us and let us know all the juicy details of upcoming events and as a reward, we will list them on the Blog, newsletter, twitter and Facebook and help get more publicity for your events. If you are really really good as an insider, perhaps we can get you a little badge as well! The same applies for sports teams. If you want to write about your great victory, be it a social league, professional league or even beer league, we will help report it and make it news.

Thank you for all the great support you give to us, here at Blog Headquarters. Without you, we would just be a group of sad individuals, sitting in our parents basements, playing Dungeons and Dragons!

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